Overview Flight Operations

How we plan and execute our drone flights and operations within Queenstown and New Zealand.

Nearly all of our drone flights are commercial in nature so we fly under our CAA Part 102 certificate 95% of the time.
This means we are always taking all aspects of flight safety into consideration during the planning process.

We have been steadily adding extra privileges to our CAA 102 Operations Certificate over the last 5 years allowing us to fly in more places legally and safely.
We can fly above 400 feet AGL by utilising our flight radio and issuing a NOTAM in advance of the operation. This allows us to offer our clients larger scale scenic visuals.

We are allowed to fly within 4km of an aerodrome or heliport by working in with the affected parties and arranging times and height limits that are controlled.
This permits us to fly drones in places other operators may not be able to.

We have night flying privileges for our company and two of our Queenstown based drone pilots have been signed off to fly at night.
Drone night flying is very challenging but legally achievable if required for a shoot.

Flying over land owned by unknown parties is covered by our privilege to overfly private property without owners consent.
We use this very rarely as we always try and notify all affected parties when flying our drones. However, when all attempts to contact land owners fail we have the option to continue the operation legally.

Overview recently added the privilege to fly in an active low flying zone, making us the only Part 102 Queenstown based drone operator to be able fly at many locations.
This allows us to fly drones at the popular Ledge and Walter Peak station area. (This is a large exclusion zone for all drone operations unless a privilege has been granted by the CAA).

We are currently applying for an exemption from the CAA to fly aircraft over 25kg to allow us to lift larger cameras and payloads.

Most of our commercial work is permitted by a locations manager assigned to the project to permit the launch areas.
They work in closely with private property owners, QLDC, DOC, LINZ and the Film Queenstown Location Office for ground drone permissions.
Overview.nz handles all airspace permissions, taking care of any potential Airways conflicts.
We utilise the CAA Airshare interface and use OZ runways to identify any restricted areas.
We maintain excellent relationships with the Queenstown Control Tower staff, local helicopter operators, and other airspace users.

We carry an Airband radio to monitor the active airspace.
We have an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC).
When required we can use the radio to notify aircraft of our intentions as per CAA102 guidelines.

During drone operations the team wear printed high visibility vests that identify us as licensed drone operators.
We use warning signs, safety cones and barriers to inform the public of our drone operations.
We take time to talk to people who may be affected by our operation.
Our goal is to create a small footprint and avoid inconveniencing other users of public areas.

As the aerial imaging experts based in Queenstown Overview prides itself on having a perfect operational track record.

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