Stabilised Gimbal


We are the original stabilised gimbal rental company based in Queenstown.

We operate the Freefly Systems MoVI XL and MoVI Pro. Also the DJI Ronin 2.
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Stabilised Head


Weight: 34 lb / 15.42 kg

Maximum Payload: 50 lb / 22.67 kg

Flowcine Black Arm complete.

MoVI Wheels.

Handheld Gimbal

MoVI Pro

Weight: 5.84 lb / 2.65 kg

Maximum Payload: 15 lb / 6.8 kg.

Easy-rig with Flowcine Serene.

Ready Rig GS + Pro Arms.

1A Alpha Wheels.
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Handheld + Rig Gimbal

Ronin 2

Weight: 12 lb / 5.5 kg

Maximum Payload: 30 lb / 13.6 kg.

Easy-rig with Flowcine Serene, Flowcine Black Arm.

Ready Rig GS + Pro Arms.

DJI Master Wheels.

Industry Standard


Freefly MoVI Controller, MoVI Wheels, DJI Master Wheels, Easy-rig, Flowcine Serene Arm, Flowcine Black Arm,
Ready Rig GS + Pro Arm, Eartec Wireless Intercom, Vaxis Wireless Video, Teradek Control 3 Wireless Follow Focus,

VW 4x4 Van, Honda Generators, 17" Sony HD Monitors, Video Devices Pix E7 Recorder,
Red Dragon Cameras, Tokina Primes, Angenieux Zooms, Fujinon Zooms, Arri Matteboxes,
Bright Tangerine Atom Mattebox, Schneider Filters, Sprayoff Milli Rain Deflector,

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Queenstown Filming Specialists