Overview Crew Bio's

Joshua Dunn Chief Pilot

Part 102 certified drone pilot based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Josh has worked in the New Zealand Film industry for over 20 years.
He started in production, and then moved into the Grip department.
Roles included: Key Grip, Dolly Grip, Crane Grip, Tracking Vehicle Driver, Stabilised Head Technician.

Career highlights include Aerial Loadmaster on 'The Hobbit' Special Aerial Unit. Tracking vehicle driver on… He has also gripped countless international tv commercials filmed in New Zealand.

With the emergence of Drone filming five years ago, Joshua up-skilled himself and became one of New Zealand's most sought after drone pilots.
His previous experience on film sets has given him a unique insight into camera movement. He understands film shots, and timing.
Joshua is extremely proficient at piloting the drone to achieve shots that have the 'wow' factor.
He can communicate effectively with the Director, Cinematographer and 1st AD.
Joshua is also able as a 'Single Op' for smaller shoots where a two man team is not required.

Joshua is highly qualified. He currently holds:
Part 102 Certified Drone Pilot.
Part 61 Remote Pilot Certificate.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Controller Certificate. (Australia).
Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate. (AROC).

Recently Josh's piloting skills have been recognised internationally, and he has been flown to Australia to Drone Pilot on productions there.

When Josh isn’t flying drones, training our other pilots, maintaining the fleet of equipment or liaising with the CAA he is kept busy as a family man, and father to two young boys.

Ben Ruffell Aerial DP

Full member New Zealand Cinematographers Society (NZCS).
Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications (BBC).
Aerial Director of Photography based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Ben is a second generation Cinematographer. His father Harry Ruffell was well respected in the industry and Ben was raised around cameras and film sets.

Ben trained as a Clapper Loader and First Assistant Camera under many famous International DOP's.
Working on projects including "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", "Xena Warrior Princess", "The Lord of the Rings" "King Kong" and "The Worlds Fastest Indian".

Ben's first film, the critically acclaimed "3 Degrees" was released in 2003, and Ben became a full time DOP.
Being based in Queenstown, Ben is often requested as 2nd Unit DP, or Specialised Camera Operator on many International Commercials.

Ben has always been very interested in camera movement, and he is an experienced skiing cameraman, and gimbal operator.

He is highly experienced at filming from full sized helicopters.
Beginning with bungy rigs and Tyler side mounts, times have changed and
Ben Ruffell has now worked with the Shotover Camera System for over ten years.

His work as an Aerial Cinematographer on 'Flying South' won Gold at the NZCS Awards in 2016.

Drone Cinematography has become an important part of modern film sets and Ben's experience and expertise has proven to be invaluable to production.

Robbie Howie Drone Pilot

Part 102 certified drone pilot based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Robbie has worked in the New Zealand Film industry for over 10 years.
He started in the Grip department.
Roles included: Motion Control Grip, Grip Assist, Stabilised Head Technician.

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