Mitsubishi Montero Sport


We travelled to Melbourne, Australia recently to provide drone filming services on this commercial for Mitsubishi Motors.

We are fully qualified to operated legally in Australia, and we film there often.

Subaru Forester Launch Film operated the drone shots with our DJI Inspire 2 X7.


We also supplied our Freefly MoVI XL stabilised head and Flowcine Black Arm. This was used on the Subaru tracking vehicle.


Director was Kenya Tauchi and Ben Ruffell was the DP.

Filmed on location in Queenstown, New Zealand. Shot on Red Dragon with Sigma Cine Primes, Fujinon 19-90mm.

Shaun White NBC Olympics Super Bowl

The team was stoked to work with snowboarder Shaun White on this Super Bowl commercial.


We filmed the tracking shots in the halfpipe at Cardrona using our MoVI Pro with a two man team.


MoVI Grip Josh Dunn snowboarded down the pipe with Shaun White, and Camera Operator Ben Ruffell controlled the framing using the joystick.


Heath Patterson was the New Zealand Unit Director and DP Alex Dufficy was operating the production camera.

Shaun was awesome to work with, and we are super proud of our small contribution to this excellent commercial.


We had a great time touring the lower South Island of New Zealand recently on this shoot for Director Stuart Douglas.


The Main Unit DP was Ross Giardina, and supplied him with our MoVI XL, Black Arm, and also a MoVI Pro.


The Aerial Unit DP was Ben Ruffell, with Josh Dunn Pilot. We shot on our DJI Inspire 2 with X5S Camera.


The commercial was produced for the Chinese market by Balance Productions China, and the Line Production was handled by NZ Film Connection.

Vera Blue 'Regular Touch'

Overview supplied the drone filming services working in closely with DP Ben Ruffell and Director Benn Jae.


Josh Dunn was the Pilot and Robbie Howie was the drone assistant and operator.


Filmed on the DJI Inspire 2 with X5S camera shooting in RAW format, the 5.2K footage cut in nicely with the Red Dragons and Cooke lenses that were used as the main production cameras.