Jaguar F-Pace recently provided heavy lift filming drone services for this Jaguar F-Pace commercial. The commercial was filmed with the new Canon C200 camera.
Directed by Brett Danton, and filmed by Ashleigh Carter.

The behind the scenes video shot by Andy Taylor ASC is terrific.


Chief Pilot Josh Dunn flew our Freely Systems Alta 8 Drone with a MoVI M15 Gimbal. This drone handled the lightweight payload of the Canon C200 with ease.
We are proud to be a CAA102 qualified drone company, and our entire team enjoyed the challenge of working with an unreleased camera. Flying it safely in the alpine Queenstown locations.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.17.55 AM

For this shoot we also provided camera support equipment, including control wheels for the MoVI M15 from 1A Alpha Tools.
Vdeo links from Paralinx and Teradek were used, and focus was controlled by the lightweight Axis 1 from Hocus Products.


The production was great fun, and it was our pleasure to work alongside such a great team of professionals to showcase the amazing Jaguar F-Pace with the amazing Canon C200.

The North Face 'McMurdo'

Part of this commercial was filmed in Korea and snow shots with the husky dogs was filmed at SHPG, Snow Farm, Cardrona, New Zealand.


We supplied a MoVI M15 for the tracking shots with the dogs.

Flowcine Blackarm Queenstown

The camera rig was attached to a Can Am tracking buggy with our Flowcine Blackarm.


Ben Ruffell was the camera operator. He kept the framing using the Freely MoVI Controller.


The weather throughout the shooting day steadily deteriorated, turning into a blizzard. We prepared for this by keeping the equipment warm and dry in our customised equipment trailer.