What We Do

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Glimpse of Who We Are

Cinema Drones + MoVI Stabilisers

Based in Queenstown, New Zealand Overview is owned by Ben Ruffell and Josh Dunn.

We are the only heavy lift drone company based in Queenstown.

Josh and Ben have been working in the New Zealand film industry for decades, and are imaging experts, not just with drones, but also with full-sized helicopters, stabilised heads and tracking vehicles.

We are CAA Part 102 and CASA Part 101 certified.

What We Do

TV Commercials + Feature Films + TV Shows

We love a challenge, and have filmed some remarkable images with our fleet of drones and MoVI stabilisers including TV commercials for multinational brands, such as Nissan, Westpac, Samsung, Sony, Mazda, Asics, Hyundai, LG, Mitsubishi, Spyder, Nikon and The North Face.

We have also worked on TV shows for New Zealand and Australian productions. We have experience with filming VR 360.

We have suspended dual stage pyrotechnic devices below our drone and provided both special effects and illumination for the blockbuster feature film Alien Covenant.
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What We Use

Industry Leading Equipment

Specialist equipment includes two Freefly Alta and MoVI kits, DJI Ronin 2, two DJI Inspire 2 Kits, and the only Freefly Systems MoVI XL stabilised head based in Queenstown.

Complementing the drones and next generation technology, Overview also has a full selection of traditional film equipment, including cameras, lenses, monitors and the accessories required for a modern production environment.
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Camera Movement Specialists